Two Tree-Dwelling Apes Die At Louisville Zoo

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - A pair of tree-dwelling apes at the Louisville Zoo died Wednesday, six weeks after giving birth to their first offspring, zoo officials said.

Ziggy, 15, and Sue Ann, 9, both siamang apes, were found dead in their habitat, but what killed them remained a mystery, said Steve Wing, the zoo's general curator.

"We are still at a loss as to what happened," Wing said.

"They were fine the night of April 3 when we checked on them, they were active, bright, alert and eating well."

The pair was recently in the news with the birth of their first offspring, Zoli, a male who was born at the Zoo Feb. 20. Baby Zoli is in an incubator and being cared for by staff.

State Medical Examiner Dr. Barbara Weakley-Jones, performed post mortem exams and tests are being run before a cause of death is determined.

Siamangs are a tree-dwelling ape native to Southeast Asia. They can swing across formidable gaps between branches, launching themselves 30-50 feet, using their hands as hooks.

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