Animals No Obstacle for Northern Kentucky Teen ActorJosh Hutcherson

FORT MITCHELL, Ky. (AP) - A teenage actor from northern Kentucky isn't likely to follow the actor's adage to never work with animals and children.

Fourteen-year-old Josh Hutcherson from Union is happy to share the screen with four Irish terriers who play Rex in Disney's new release, "Firehouse Dog."

Josh says it was cool. He just had to get used to not reacting when the animal trainer is giving commands during a scene.

Josh says, in an interview with the Kentucky Enquirer, that his canine co-stars had to be kept separate because they would get too playful. He also says they could be more focused than him when it's time to work.

Josh is currently working on a film called "Winged Creatures" that also features Oscar winners Forest Whitaker and Jennifer Hudson.

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