Court Documents Show Man Admitted To Starting Frankfort Fire

He's accused of setting a fire that caused millions of dollars in damage to downtown Frankfort. Now we're learning more about what lead to the crime.

Stephen Malcolm appeared in court Thursday morning, facing federal arson charges.

34-year-old Malcolm didn't say much in court, but we obtained a copy of the affidavit in which Malcolm admits to investigators that he did start the fire in his ex-girlfriend's apartment building.

In the court documents, Malcolm's ex-girlfriend, sarah barber, told investigators she was in the process of breaking up with Malcolm last month. She also said she had a missed call from Malcom at 4:52 in the morning, just minutes before the fire started.

Malcolm originally told investigators he was at at a Lexington bar until close that nigh before he went to the Huddle House. Investigators say that Huddle House has been closed since February.

In his most recent interview, court documents show Malcolm did admit to starting the fire that caused 1.5 million dollars in damage.

He reportedly told officers that when he left Two Keys Tavern the night of the fire, he headed straight for Barber's house. He told investigators he took a new phone book that was lying on the sidewalk and lit it with a cigarette lighter before placing it next to a wood pile under the stairs in the vestibule of Barber's apartment.

Right now, Malcolm faces five years behind bars for the criminal complaint filed against him. He's waiting for a court appointed attorney. In the meantime, he'll stay behind bars.

Malcolm will be back in court Tuesday for a detention and probable cause hearing.

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