Police outline why Laurel mother is charged with murdering toddler son

Amanda Johnson was full of emotion….as her father…and the father of the child she’s accused of killing…looked on.

But before detailing the events of October 23rd when Stephen Troy died, Detective Mark Allen testified of other injuries the 23 month old child had taken in..

“There were prior injuries to the child’s leg,” Det. Allen said during Johnsons’ preliminary hearing in Laurel District Court.

Johnson is charged with criminal abuse because police believe her son suffered two broken bones in his lower left leg, injuries that police say they cannot find evidence he was ever treated for. Then more recently….police said Johnson’s boyfriend, Will Callahan, told them of more abuse.

“The way he explained it to me was that he saw her throw him on a couch..but it was not a game…it was more or less her throwing him,” he said.

Police also say that Johnson tried to keep her boyfriend from telling them certain aspects of what happened to the child.

And once Detective Allen said that Callahan told them that Johnson tried to shift blame.

“She had told him to go along with the story that all of this happened at the fathers’ residence,” Det. Allen said.

The toddler’s death came after Callahan told police of hearing the child scream after at first hearing a thud,when Johnson and her son where in another room. And later….after Johnson left for work, Allen said that Callahan told police he noticed signs of several injuries.

“He noticed a lot of bruising..around the abdomen area…he also told us that he did show bruises to Amanda..which she denied during our interview,” Allen said.

Johnson is charged with murder and the judge did not allow her $250,000 bond to be reduced. A Laurel County grand jury could return an indictment against her on Nov. 20th.

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