Search resumes for missing girl; Suspect now living in Ky.

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Four-year-old Pilar Rodriguez vanished while in a babysitter's care in 1999. A man living in Bath County, Ky is a suspect.

Investigators returned to a piece of property on Wednesday, where they hope to find evidence that will lead them to a little girl who disappeared ten years ago.

The search is happening in Punta Gorda, Florida and police say a man now living in Bath County, Kentucky is a suspect.

Four-year-old Pilar Rodriguez vanished while in a babysitter's care in 1999.

The babysitter, Melissa Cooper, told police her boyfriend, Keith Wilson, killed the child, though the child's body was never found.

Keith Wilson now lives in Bath County.

Family members of Wilson now live on that property that is being searched in Florida.

Wilson has denied any involvement in the case. He has never been charged.

Until two weeks ago, Wilson was working part-time at the Bath County EMS. He is now working full-time in Menifee County. His former co-workers say they can't believe he committed any crime, and say soon after the young girl disappeared he returned to Bath County and told his co-workers he was innocent.

"He had told us about it a long time ago and he was upset about it then and told us then that he hadn't done it and we believed him", says Donna Jamison, the Bath Co. EMS Director.

They say Wilson is a loving father and good employee, making it hard to believe he's a suspect in this investigation.

"Definitely not the type of person we thought could have done something like that and of course we thought he was cleared of everything until now", says Donna Jamison.

Pilar Rodriguez's family did file a wrongful death suit in the past against Wilson. That case was dismissed.

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