Surveillance Shows Restaurant Burglary

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"We just decided one day we wanted to make our American dream come true," said Lorena Gallegos.

Gallegos' dream of owning a restaurant came true 15 years ago.
Since then business has been good. Until recently.

"We saw the front door was broken and we couldn't figure out right away what was gone," Gallegos said.

Her restaurant was broken into for the third time in two years last night.
This surveillance video shows the burglary.

"He walks up the ramps, breaks the window, runs inside and gets what he needs," said Gallegos daughter, Marie Tackett.

"We just learned from the owners he stole a TV. And I don't think it's worth risking your life for a TV," said Vincent Rivera

Rivera and Wesley Paul were putting up signs for a new church in front of the restaurant when they started hearing alarms.

"We thought we pulled too close with the car. And after seeing us he must have ran off," Paul said.

The burglar ran out and climbed over the front wall of the restaurant and got away before police arrived. Gallegos says they are now concerned it will happen again. That worries her because they just remodeled Mi Pequena Hacienda and she doesn't want to see her dream destroyed.

"It's kinda hard when you spend the money and then somebody just breaks into it," Gallegos said.

The first burglar got away with 300 dollars and liquor from the bar. The second break-in was thwarted when the alarm sounded. Now Gallegos says they plan to beef up security to avoid anymore incidents. They are also offering a reward to anyone with information about the burglary. You can contact her at Mi Pequena Hacienda, that number is 245-4679.