'Christmas' tree returning to state capitol

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The tree on the capitol grounds will once again be referred to as a 'Christmas' Tree.

Last week Governor Beshear's office asked Kentucky residents to consider donating to the perfect 'holiday tree' to the state. Since then, the Governor has had a flood of emails and phone calls from people upset that 'Christmas' was being left out of the title. One group went so far as to compare the Governor to the 'Grinch.'

"This is not just a simple mistake, this is a major mistake," said Pastor Jeff Fugate of Clays Mill Road Baptist Church in Lexington.

Pastor Fugate accuses Beshear of trying to take the word 'Christmas 'away from the Christmas Holiday.

"You could compare it to telling Jews they had to call their menorah a candelabra," Fugate said.

Wednesday the Beshear administration responded to the uproar, stating the name was never officially changed to the 'holiday' tree. They stated the financial department put out a request for a donation for a tree for the holidays, but that the tree will now be called a 'Christmas Tree.'

"I'm glad that he's changed his mind but I think he owes an apology to folks in Kentucky that celebrate Christmas as the birth of Christ," Fugate said.

A spokesperson for Beshear says they are personally inviting all of those who responded in protest to the 'Christmas Tree Lighting' ceremony on November 30th in Frankfort.

Fugate says he still plans to hold a rally on the capital grounds December 7th, during which they will sing Christmas Carols.

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