Southern Kentucky doctor suspended in Tennessee over sex allegations

Dr. Larry Perry is a well known figure in McCreary County..and many we spoke with speak highly of him.

“I just think he’s a great doctor. I hate to see him tore down by this,” said Pauline Sumner of Whitley City.

But Dr. Perry is not allowed to practice medicine anywhere in Tennessee. Perry is accused of increasing a patient’s dosage of exchange for that patient peforming a sexual act with him. Dr. Perry is also accused of 5 similar sexual encounters with other patients. All of the allegations happened at Dr. Perry’s former office in Oneida, Tennessee…and many of those who know him in Kentucky..are shocked.

“I don’t believe that’s true. I don’t see Dr. Perry doing anything like that. I’ve been going to see him. I’ve taken my children to see him,” said Sumner.

No one in his Kentucky office would comment on whether he’s seeing patients.

There are no active investigations on him in Kentucky….and the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure has not taken any action against him. The “Order of Summary Suspension” does not list when the allegations took place in Tennessee.

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