Rite Aid employee fights back during attempted robbery

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A quick-thinking employee likely kept a pharmacy from being robbed from a man wearing a disguise. Now Crime Stoppers is asking for your help to find the suspect they believe tried to rob a Lexington Rite Aid.

Around five o'clock Friday morning at the Rite Aid on Malibu Drive at Nicholasville Road, a man attempting to rob the store had the tables turned on him.

You can see in surveillance video an employee in the back of the Rite Aid with the door open to the loading dock area.

"They just had a truck deliver some merchandise so there was an employee back there organizing some of the products that were just delivered", says Detective Rob Sarrantonio with Lexington Police.

That's when a man around 5'9", wearing a camouflage jacket, jeans, and a cloth-type mask over his head walks in armed with a knife.

"He made some threats toward the clerk", says Detective Sarrantonio.

That's when the store employee takes action.

"Picked up these plastic bins, the blue plastic bins they have where they store some of their products, and started throwing them at the suspect. The suspect grabbed a bin and fled the scene", says Detective Sarrantonio.

The bin he stole was later recovered. Now police are looking for this man they believe tried to rob the store.

"We hope someone gives enough information to lead us to that person", says Detective Sarrantonio.

The suspect will be charged with first degree robbery when caught.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. Call Crime Stoppers today at 859-253-2020 or dial *2020 on your AT&T wireless phone. You could receive up to one-thousand dollars for your information. You don't have to give your name for these tips, just the information you have.

You can also log onto www.bluegrasscrimestoppers.com as well to help solve crimes like this one.

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