Police in Williamsburg say they've arrested major drug dealer

Police say they had reason to fear their assignment Thursday night when they were serving a few arrest warrants on Black Oak Road, near the Kentucky/Tennessee line.

Once officers showed up at a house on Kenny Bug Road, police say several people quickly ran off. But when officer Shawn Jackson found the person they were looking for in Jerry Fuston: “I felt threatened for my life and safety. He refused to take his hand out of his pocket,”

But once Fuston did, Jackson said all he had was a bottle full of prescription pills. Still, Jackson said Fuston's behavior could have easily turned the situation tragic. While police were arresting him, they said they continually saw cars coming and going.

“There was a lot of traffic, basically like a small Grand Central Station,” said Jackson.

Police say there were lots of drug deals going down in the area, and they say it's being going on for quite some time.

“Citizens of the community wanting something to be done with this individual,” said Jackson.

Now he's in jail, where police say he even tried to sneak more drugs in, as they said they found more cocaine in a hidden pocket in his jacket.

“He was charged with promoting contraband first degree, because he did take it in the jail, and it would have been a lesser charge had he just told us about it,” said Jackson.

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