Three Kentucky Women Creating Way to Keep Kids Safe in Cars

Reports show between 30 and 40 small children die each year in the U.S., from being left too long in a hot car.

But three Central Kentucky women are working to change that. The business women, along with a few friends, have created a new car seat safety system. It's designed to alert the driver when a child is left in a hot car.

The system has two components. One is a pad that fits into any car seat, and is activated by the weight of the child. The other is a key pod, which activates a alarm notifying the driver that the child is still in his or her seat.

The system can move with the child, and can go from car to car.
The "Sisters of Invention", as the women are called, hope to have their system on the market by this fall.

They want to keep the price under $120.

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