Student Not Allowed to Broadcast Book Report on Book of Acts

MOUNT WASHINGTON, Ky. (AP) - A central Kentucky middle school student whose book report was about the Bible's Book of Acts wasn't allowed to have his report broadcast during morning announcements as planned.

The Courier-Journal reports that Bullitt County Principal Denise Allen stopped the videotaped reports after learning Alex Thomas had chosen the Bible. Two of the reports by Mount Washington students had already aired.

Allen cited the separation of church and state and said some book choices might not be appropriate for younger students.

Tammy Thomas says her son's freedom of speech was violated and complained to school officials last week.

School board lawyer Eric Farris says allowing Alex to broadcast his report would be allowing school equipment to be used to persuade a captive audience about religion.

Thomas says she met with the principal and contacted the district's central office and the American Law and Justice Center.

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