Man accused of kidnapping, sodomizing boy pleads guilty

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His trial in front of a Fayette County jury was supposed to start today. Instead, 56-year-old Jerry Wayne Humphries pleaded guilty in court as some other charges he faced were dropped.

Humphries was accused of kidnapping and sodomizing a 15-year-old boy back in 2007. Today, after striking a deal with the Commonwealth's Attorney, Humphries pleaded to only one count of sodomy third; a charge that was down-graded from sodomy first.

During the court proceedings, Humphries admitted to the judge that he met someone in an on-line chat room. He says that person told him they were 20 years old. Humphries claims they met, talked and had many sexual relations. Humphries told the judge that he found out later that the boy was only 15.

The Commonwealth's Attorney recommends Humphries spend a year behind bars; Humphries is eligible for up to five.

Humphries was taken into custody following the guilty plea, but was released a short time later. His formal sentencing will be January 15th.

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