Reward for missing Casey County man increases

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Charles Randolph, 55, was last seen at his Casey County home about a month ago. His family is certain someone knows what happened to him and they are now increasing a reward to help.

Freda Elmore and Shirley Austin continue to wear buttons everyday with their brother's face on it, as the search continues for their brother.

The Casey County Sheriff's Department as well as family and friends have spent days searching in the woods and ponds for Randolph who hasn't been seen since October 15.

Leaving behind his car and beloved dog, Randolph's family is certain he didn't just walk away. They've now increased the reward to $5000, for any leads to find Randolph, as they continue to hold out hope and plea for his return.

The family says they will also try to increase the reward, with events like a chili cook-off.

Police have said they don't suspect foul play, but they haven't ruled it out either.

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