Family Rescued From Burning Home

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"Everything that we owned is gone. Everything." said Billie Castleberry.

This is what's left of the home Castleberry shared with her three children.

"Tey're really lucky. I got the mother and the kids off the porch and it wasn't ten seconds later the roof collapsed, said Doug Warfield, a volunteer firefighter.

Warfield and two passersby helped get her handicapped brother out of the house.

"If they hadn't been for Joe Joens me and my brother would have burned to death," said Castleberry.

Seven-year-old Keira woke her mother up after flames filled their bedroom. Both she and her six year old brother, Savalas, were treated for burns.

"They put a band-aid on it," said Savalas Knight.

The single mother and her kids moved to Woodbine a month ago to help care for her sick mother. They were just getting used to the area, now they are left with no where to live because they didn't have insurance. The family had several dogs inside. They have only been able to find one who survived.

"It was my daughter's dog and she is heartbroken because we can't find her", said Castleberry.

The family is staying with relatives in the area, but the children are still scared about what happened during the fire. Castleberry says she is grateful things were not any worse.

"And I'm really grateful for him stopping and helping us," Castleberry said.

If you'd like to help the family donations can be sent care of:
Myra Goforth
6241 KY 1232
Gray, KY 40734