Three hurt in apartment fire

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Three people, including a toddler, are in the hospital after an apartment building caught fire early Tuesday morning.

We are told a neighbor driving home from work spotted the fire at the Colonial Village Apartments on Sycamore Street, near Highway 80, in Somerset.

That person then caught a toddler from a woman who dropped the child out of a second-story window to escape.

That woman then jumped to safety. Neighbors say the woman landed on the concrete patio below, seriously hurting her leg.

"It was the most horrific thing I've ever seen," said Jed Carroll, a neighbor.

Firefighters rescued a man from the first floor when they arrived.

We know the two adults were airlifted to U.K. Hospital in Lexington. One has serious burns.

The toddler went to a local hospital to be checked out. Their names and conditions have not been released.

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