Course simulates elderly driving

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It's a talk many dread.

Getting an elderly parent or loved one to stop driving.

Today the Driver Seat Game rolled through Lexington aimed at increasing sensitivity and promoting conversation.

Stacy Ellison has the story.

This suit is designed to foster conversation, and to get people to talk with their senior loved ones about driving.

But when to stop driving is critical conversation to have.

The suit and driving course, co-sponsored by Liberty Mutual, gives younger people a change to experience the challenges their old counterparts feel when getting behind the wheel.

Volunteers put braces on your knees and ankles simulated arthritic knees, plus a 40 pound vest which fostered fatigue, and gloves give the feeling of stiff joints.

On the obstacle course was everything from getting in the car to making simple turns.

It shows how difficult it can be as you age.

Experts say it's an experience that gives participants a better appreciation of what's ahead in old age and how to best deal with aging in your own family.

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