Suspect in Somerset murder claims innocence in jailhouse interview

Police say that Homer Carrender died in a horrible way, and Peggy Mina says her nephew confessed to robbing the man that she says they met at a local flea market and killing him.

“I told police everything, when he came home he had a bloody shirt on, And I told them where to find it at. I told them,” said Mina from the Pulaski County Detention Center.

Raphael Robinson is charged with the actual robbery and murder of the 72-year-old man. But his aunt Mina faces charges as well.

“Evidence that we were able to uncover… that she was involved in the planning of the robbery,” said Somerset Detective Shannon Smith.

“I told police everything. I helped them out. I did everything they told me to,” said Mina who says she is shocked that police arrested her when she claims she helped them solve the crime.

And Mina says she wasn't in the apartment when Carrender died. Police say they don't have evidence she was either, but they say she was still involved in the crime.

But Mina says she only knew of the horrible way Carrender died after the fact.

“He didn't deserve nothing like this. Nobody does. He was so sweet and nice,” Mina said of Carrender.

Police say the motive was simply robbery. They say they don't know if Robinson intended to kill Carrender..or if it just happened because something in the robbery went wrong.

“It doesn't matter how you look at it, he suffered…it was a brutal crime,” said Det. Smith.

“They showed me pictures…it was terrible,” Mina said.

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