Family and Friends Pay Final Respects to Fallen Soldier

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A final farewell for an Eastern Kentucky soldier.

A Lee County native leaves behind a daughter, a wife, and an unborn child. Today the community honored Specialist William Glenn Bowling.

Some see Old Glory a little differently after a soldier's dies.

"That red you see on the flag is part of Sergeant Bowling," said Danny Belcher with Task Force Omega of Kentucky.

Sergeant William Bowling made it home once from Iraq and was overseas on a second tour. This time, a roadside bomb brought him home in a much different way.

"Sometimes it's hard to wonder why they did get killed because it's really sad to lose a child, much less lose one like this," said family friend Mary Holiday.

Task Force Omega and Kentucky Peacekeepers stood outside of the funeral home holding the American flag during the entire service both in honor of Sergeant Bowling and to protect his family as they mourn.

"This is not a place to protest. It's not a time or a place and we're just here to support a fallen hero," said Tim Casey with Kentucky Peacemakers.

Extra security was on hand for Bowling's funeral after the Kansas based Westboro Baptist Church said they would be here to protest. But the controversial, self-proclaimed Christian group didn't show.

"He gave his life for his country and his family and this is the least we can do. I wish we could do more," Casey said.

These peacekeepers say they've confronted the group at least four times to keep them away from military funerals.

"You get the government you deserve. If we don't come out to show support and thanks, do we deserve our freedom," said Danny Belcher with Task Force Omega of Kentucky.

The funeral was very peaceful in Owsley County Wednesday. A community memorial service followed at Happy Top in Lee County for Sergeant Williams.

His widow is expected to deliver their second child within the next few days.

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