Police: homeowner shot burglar in head

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Police say a homeowner took the law into his own hands late Tuesday night by shooting an intruder.

An alarm went off inside the homeowner's barn on Simpson Lane, north of Richmond.

Police say that is when John Fair checked things out and discovered that someone had broken into his barn.

State Police Investigators say Fair saw the light from a flashlight in the barn and some copper wiring that belonged to him piled outside the barn. Armer with a 32-calibur revolver, police say Fair fired three shots into the barn. One of those bullets hit the intruder, Charles Harvey, in the head. Police say Fair told them he never meant to shoot anyone.

As of Wednesday morning, Harvey was listed in serious condition at U.K. Hospital. Investigators describe his injuries as non-life threatening.

The case will be sent to a Madison County grand jury.

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