74-year-old city employee accused of dealing heroin

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According to a search warrant police received anonymous tips about a house on Longview Drive, tipsters say visitors have been coming over and not staying very long.

Marijuana, a drug pipe, razor blades and a mirror with cocaine residue on them, just some of things listed on a search warrant police claim to have taken from 74 year old Carl Webb's home.

Webb is also accused of trafficking heroin, police found three used needles, and 11 bundles or packages testing positive for heroin enough for Lexington Police to take Webb to jail on drug trafficking charges.

They say he didn't act alone, Police also arrested 19 year old Aaron Withers charging him with conspiracy to traffic heroin.

Besides allegedly conspiring to sell drugs, the relationship between Withers and Webb is unclear from police reports and documents.

Neighbors we spoke with say suspicious activity is not unheard of at the house, but others come to his defense, saying it's possible he was set up.

We tried attempted to ask the people currently at the house but they did not want to comment.

A spokesperson with the mayor's office says Webb has worked as a computer control manager in Water Quality for the city since the 90's.

According to the mayor's spokesperson no action has been taken against Webb meaning he's still employed as a computer manager with the city.

Both Withers and Webb has entered not guilty pleas.

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