Help offered to people seeking US citizenship

RICHMOND, Ky. (AP) - A Lexington-based program is branching out
to nearby Madison County to assist immigrants through the process
of seeking U.S. citizenship.
The Maxwell Street Legal Clinic, a program of the Kentucky Equal
Justice Center, will host a free workshop on Saturday, Nov. 21 at
Eastern Kentucky University's Perkins Building. The university is
among the workshop sponsors.
Workshop volunteers will help guide eligible legal, permanent
residents in applying for citizenship, the Richmond Register
reported. Free access to immigration attorneys will also be
"In our area, there are very few places where people can get
legal advice about issues related to becoming a citizen," said
Sandra Anez Powell, director of Kentucky River Foothills' Hispanic
Outreach Program.
Powell, a native of Venezuela, said it's difficult for many
people to travel to Lexington to seek the services. "For this
reason, we propose to take the services to the clients," she said.
Powell said the workshop will help "demystify the process" of
getting a work permit, applying for a "green card" to obtain
permanent-resident status or becoming eligible to take the U.S.
citizenship test.
The citizenship test is the most common challenge in pursuing
legal U.S. status, said Abbey Poffenberger, EKU assistant professor
of Spanish.
"The exam covers the fundamental concepts of American
democracy, history and geography," she told the Richmond
newspaper. "A candidate for naturalization may only be asked 10
questions during the exam, but the list that they are responsible
for memorizing contains over 100 questions."
The free workshop is just the first step. EKU students and
faculty will continue to provide free tutoring in both U.S. civics
and to assist immigrants with English proficiency, Poffenberger
"This is a long-term commitment led by EKU students and
faculty," she said. "We plan to hold this workshop on a yearly
basis, yet the tutoring in Civics and the English language will be
available throughout the academic year."
Information from: Richmond Register

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