Five Year Anniversary Of Sheriff Sam Catron's Death

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"Father we want to thank you that your grace is sufficient for us in these times of sorrow the trials that come way in this life," said Pulaski County Sheriff Deputy Kevin Bullock.

Tonight friends and family gathered to remember Sheriff Sam Catron.

"I lost my best friends as well as my brother," said Lewis Catron.

"It's been five years since that tragic day Lord, when Sheriff Sam Catron was gunned down on this spot," Bullock said.

"We're just gathering. Everybody gets together and helps each other support. That helps us all through this," said Lewis Catron.

Catron followed in his father's footsteps by getting into law enforcement.

"My father was shot on April 11, 1957. Shot in the back on the front porch of the house. I was standing there with him," Lewis said.

Lewis Catron was one of the deputy's who responded to his brother's shooting on April 13th 2002.

"I know how fast I was running. It was the longest drive I've ever made in my life," Lewis said.

In the years since Catron was killed the community put up this monument to remember his commitment to the community. And last Friday his niece delivered a baby named in his honor. The family says even though he is gone he will never be forgotten.

"Lord, help us to go on and carry out our duties here as Sam would've had us to. Father we love you and we ask it in Jesus name. Amen," Bullock said.

Jeff Morris, Danny Shelley and Kenneth White were convicted in Catron's death. Morris was Catron's political rival in the sheriff's campaign.

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