Many doctor's offices pull magazines to stop spread of germs

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You might want to bring along some reading material if you have an upcoming doctor's appointment. That's because more and more medical offices are pulling magazines out of their waiting areas. It's all part of an effort to control the spread of germs.

The Lexington Clinic is one such facility where waiting areas are virtually bare. Children's toys and books have also been removed.

Melissa Todd is a registered nurse and serves as the nursing standards manager for the clinic. She says the surfaces of magazines are virtually impossible to disinfect daily.

In addition to removing magazines from waiting areas, doctors offices across our region have signs reminding patients to cover their cough and wash their hands. They also have hand sanitizing gel, masks, and tissues on hand.

Todd says that next spring, she and her colleagues will re-evaluate whether or not the magazines and toys can return to the waiting room.

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