Judge denies change of venue for Pam Bartley's trial

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Pam Bartley, the woman accused of shooting and killing her husband, went to the Rowan County Courthouse Monday to ask a judge to move the case back to Montgomery County.

Carl Bartley was found shot to death in his Montgomery County home back in 2007. His wife was indicted for the murder shortly after.

In the two years since Pam Bartley's indictment, trial dates, and even judges have come and gone.

Her own lawyers asked the judge this past summer to take the trial out of Montgomery County, saying the publicity surrounding the case would taint the jury pool.

On Monday, her lawyers changed their tune, saying they wanted to go back to Montgomery County to try to find a jury there. This motion comes only three weeks before the trial was supposed to start in Rowan County.

Judge Janet Coleman ruled that the trial will go on as scheduled, December 7, in Rowan County.

Before the trial starts, however, the defense will have a chance to question if the evidence police found at the Bartley house, and from Pam Bartley's car, can be used in court. The defense says they have reason to think it shouldn't be admitable.

Carl Bartley's brother says it's just another attempt by lawyers to prolong the trial.

Carl Bartley's family says they are fed up with the delays and they just want this case to be heard by a jury.

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