Flooding Fears Continue Across Much Of The State

Across Kentucky today the rain has ended, but the concern has not.

Flood waters continue to rise in places around the area, especially in eastern Kentucky. Rising waters there forced several people from their homes, some even had to be rescued.

Flooding closed at least 15 roads from northeastern to eastern Kentucky, including in Pike County where a main road collapsed.

Clean-up efforts are underway in many areas across eastern Kentucky. Other areas are still trying to keep flood waters at bay.

Some of the most major damage was near Pikeville where a 50 foot section of Highway 460 collapsed Sunday afternoon. No one was hurt and no vehicles were involved in the collapse. However, the road is closed Monday, keeping workers busy.

We're told by dispatchers there is still a flood advisory for communities along the Cumberland River. The water levels are still were still on the rise as of noon on Monday.

Dispatchers warn drivers not to drive through standing water because they may be far deeper than they look.

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