Ex-lawmaker pleads not guilty to murder charge

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Former Kentucky lawmaker Steve Nunn appeared in a Lexington courtroom today to answer to murder charges.

Police say he shot and killed his ex-fiance, Amanda Ross, on September 11th outside her Lexington town home.

Filling the courtroom today for his video arraignment were those that knew Amanda Ross, wearing badges with her photo on them.

"So people will know that we're here to support her", says friend Kristi Russell.

Friends say it was a court hearing they ever imagined being at.

"I'm angry that I have to be here today. I don't want to be here today. I'm here today to support Amanda and her family", says Kristi Russell.

Some say it was important to show former lawmaker Steve Nunn that support for Amanda. Nunn is accused of violated the domestic violence order Ross had against him and for the murder of Amanda Ross.

"We want him to know that we're here, and we're suffering. He's made all of us suffer along with Amanda and her family", says Kristi Russell.

When asked about capitol punishment for Steve Nunn the prosecution didn't say when they would file.

"We will be filing appropriate notices at some point", says Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Larson.

Although, for Kristi Russell, she says personally she is hoping the death penalty is pursued.

"I would like to see the death penalty but that's not my decision to make", Russell says.

She says the main focus however is Amanda and making sure Amanda's Law passes. The bill would require anyone with an active domestic violence order and a history of domestic violence to have to wear GPS monitored ankle bracelets.

"If anything bright can be brought out of this is that the legislation will get passed and this won't happen to somebody else", Russell says.

Meanwhile friends of Amanda Ross say they will continue to be at these court appearances to support Ross's family.

"We're gonna be here every single time we can", says Kristi Russell.

Nunn's attorney did not wish to comment today following the hearing.

Earlier this week Steve Nunn was in Hart County where he pleaded not guilty to wanton endangerment charges. He is accused of brandishing a firearm when he was approached by police in a Hart County cemetery just hours after Ross was shot and killed.

Steve Nunn spent nearly 15 years in the state legislature and is the son of former Kentucky Governor Louie Nunn.

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