DUI Crash Into House Leads to Deputy in Danger

A car ran off Highway 1956 west of London Sunday night and police say it slammed into a car before plowing into the dining room of a house.

Sgt. Rodney VanZant showed up to investigate. Police say the intoxicated woman driver went inside the home where the homeowner, Edd Lee Davis, was. But police say Davis didn't want the deputy there.

"Vanzant states he was confronted by Mr. Davis, who then stated he would kill him," said Sheriff Fred Yaden.

Police say Davis was armed with a loaded gun. There was a fight, but police say Davis was able to wrestle the gun away.

"There was a bullet in the chamber. It was ready to fire. By the grace of God, he didn't pull the trigger," said Yaden.

Davis was taken to the hospital then sent to jail. He's now charged with multiple offenses including attempted murder of a police officer.

Davis pleaded not guilty to the charges and he's currently in jail under no bond. Police say the deputy was lucky not to be wounded or worse.

"When a man is standing there and he has a loaded pistol on you and threatening to kill you, I don't see how it could get any more dangerous."