UK goes tobacco free

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It's lights out on UK's campus, at least when it comes to cigarettes. Thursday the entire campus went tobacco free, inside and out.

The media was advised that a protest rally would be staged at 12:30 by those against the smoking ban, but that time came and went with no protestors in sight, just a couple of policemen on bicycles assigned to keep order at the rally. Finally, just before 1 o'clock, protestors with various tobacco products in their mouths began to gather at the student center.

UK student Jeff Smith was puffing on a cigar as he told 27 NEWSFIRST, "They're trying to tell us we can't smoke outside. What's up with that."

We did find some students who don't even smoke but are still opposed to the ban. Alyssa Bretz says, "I'm not a smoker and never will be. It's just that this is a public university, and I think they're taking away students rights by putting on the smoking ban."

Earlier in the day UK officials explained the need for such a policy.
University President Dr. Lee Todd said, "Our tobacco use has adversely affected the health and well being of Kentuckians for many years and kept too many of them from reaching their true potential."

The UK Tobacco Treatment and Addiction Committee did a survey back in the Spring, and 64 per cent of the responding students said they were either positive or very positive about the tobacco free initiative.

UK student Amy Grouse said, "I think it's a great idea. It makes the air healthier for everybody who doesn't smoke, and it's just a good way to promote it.

Her fellow student, Brittany Sexton, agreed, "I also think it's a really good idea. I hate the second hand smoke we have to breath in from people just walking from class to class."

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