Child Stuck By Hypodermic Needle During Recess

Parents demand answers after a Lexington elementary school student is stuck by a needle, left on the playground.

The third grade boy was playing outside Lansdowne Elementary when he accidentally stuck himself with the hypodermic needle. The incident happened at recess on Tuesday

School officials say the boy was immediately taken to the school nurse and his parents were called.

The principal sent a note home with students to tell parents about what happened. The letter also encouraged parents to talk with their kids about not picking up strange objects.

Fayette County Superintendent Stu Silberman says that, while unfortunate, this was an isolated incident.

Many of the parents we spoke with are concerned about a city park that butts up to the playground at Lansdowne Elementary. Many parents say there needs to be a fence or some other kind of barrier put up to protect the students from those who may use the park.

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