Popular Children's Toy Recalled

A recall of some toy magnetic building sets has been expanded.

This, after more children swallowed the tiny magnets in the set
and were seriously injured.

The expanded recall of the Magnetix building sets was announced
Thursday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

A little over a year ago, Mega Brands recalled three-point-eight million of the sets. One child had died and four others were seriously injured after they swallowed the magnets.

Thursday's recall involves an additional four million sets. It now includes all of the Magnetix sets, except the ones sold in the past year with an age label of six and above and a warning label about the magnets.

Mega Brands says the newer sets better retain the magnets
because of material and design changes.

In total, the company and the government know of one death, one
aspiration of a magnet, and 27 intestinal injuries. All but one of the cases required emergency surgery.

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