Lexington Man Sentenced For Shooting Friend

Police say he shot and killed his friend more than a year ago. Friday, Justin Kincaid learned how long he'll have to stay behind bars for the death of his friend, Zachary Crump.

Although both families agreed it was an accident, Kincaid was sentenced to the maximum penalty in court.

Justin Kincaid was indicted on second-degree manslaughter charges in March and Friday was sentenced to 5 years behind bars.

Just days before Christmas in 2005, police went to Kincaid's Accord Drive home, only to find Crump had been shot.

In court on Friday Cathy Vasquez, Crump's mother, tearfully spoke to the judge about how much she missed her son.

While she was talking, Kincaid broke down. He wept while his lawyer spoke on his behalf and only added that he was terribly sorry for what had happened and that he missed his friend.

Police say Kincaid and Crump were horsing around when Crump was fatally shot.

Kincaid's lawyer did say in court that he will file for shock probation on his client's behalf in 6 months.

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