1944 Miss America Defends Farm With Gun

Venus Ramey knows it would be easy for someone to take advantage of her. “I’m an old woman,” she says. “They figure they can get away with a lot.”

And last Friday, she says some people tried to get away with some of her scrap metal. They were caught in the act and police say Curtis Parish was the ringleader.

“And he said ‘if you get out of my way, we'll leave’. And I said ‘oh no you won't’. And I shot two shots in one of their tires,” says Ramey.

Only that wasn't enough for this former Miss America who fired again. “I shot one and it wouldn't go down. I thought it would go whoosh and flatten, but it didn't. They're not made that way, so I shot it again,” she says.

Police in Lincoln County say stealing scrap metal is an epidemic and they charged Parish with trespassing. Police say he took the rap for the others involved.

Ramey won the Miss America crown in 1944. Now she spends her time selling trees on her farm and trying to protect her property from thieves. “The first time I was robbed [was] on the other side of the road about six or seven years ago,” she says. “I caught one man.”

But now, both police and Ramey say they don't think the man arrested this time will try to steal from her again.

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