Horse Drowns After Falling Into Well

A horse owner is grieving after the dramatic death of her daughter's horse.

The animal fell into a 25 foot well in rural Robertson County Friday morning. He spent three hours struggling to survive against rising waters while his owner struggled to find someone to get him out.

Ann McElfresh says she saw her daughter's 3-year-old horse, Cotton, wander away from her property.

"I said oh he fell and then he just... whoosh. I said, oh my God. I didn't know what to do. I just walked up and saw he was in the well," she said.

McElfresh says she didn't even know the well was there.

She immediately began calling for help. But every public service agency McElfresh called from Robertson County to Fayette County couldn't, or wouldn't come.

She says she called for help from three different counties, but two hours into Cotton's fight for life, help still hadn't arrived.

Lexington fire officials said they were coming to help, but before they could get there, the animal drowned at the bottom of the well.

McElfresh says she worries that the well could be a danger to other animals and maybe even people.

She was also praying for the strength to tell her young daughter what happened to the horse.

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