Kidnapped For Ransom

A Lexington man's father is found safe after officials say he was idnapped and held for ransom. Police say Cesar Tomas was going to pay three men to drive his father from Colorado to Lexington, but when they arrived the men had other ideas.

Cesar Tomas says the man driving his father demanded more money upon arriving to Lexington.

When Tomas said he wasn't paying more than the agreed amount,
the men took Sebastian Tomas and took off.

Police were called, but they were unable to locate the the white van.
Court records show they drove to North Carolina, where the next day they called Cesar and demanded $7,000 for the release of his father.
They also demanded the money be sent by Western Union to Goldsboro, North Carolina.

The FBI then got involved in the investigation. They traced the phone number to Amner Zunun. When police located Zunun they also found Tomas. Court records say Zunun admitted to the kidnap for ransom and also added he recently began working to bring illegal immigrants to the United States.

Sebastian identified Zunun and Wilmer Diaz as his captors and said he was taken to North Carolina to work in order to make the necessary payment.

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