Worker Killed In Crane Accident

For the second time in a month, the coroner is called out to a central Kentucky power plant.

A man working at the E.W. Brown plant in Mercer County died Monday morning when he was crushed under a piece of heavy equipment.

It was just after 8:00 Monday morning when 48-year-old Tim Watson's morning at work came to a tragic end.

Officials tell us the accident happened when Watson was trying help to disassemble and move a crane. A piece of the crane fell on him, killing him instantly.

Company officials say all workers contracted out go through extensive safety training.

Watson was from Eubank and worked for Bush and Burchette Incorporated, which is a subcontractor of Bizzack Incorporated.

Because of the accident, work was suspended at the part of the facility where the accident happened until further notice.

Two other plants suspended work today to do more safety briefings in light of the accident.

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