Hit List At High School Leads To Lock Down

Some scary moments at a Kentucky high school after someone found a hit list. Folks at Jackson County High School, near McKee, say they acted quickly to keep students safe.

Students returned to school on Monday, knowing the student or students behind the list, is still among them.

"Some of us got really scared because we wasn't for sure what would happen, like we thought somebody might actually do this," said Alexis Bishop, a student at the school.

Like many students, Bishop a freshman at Jackson County High, couldn't believe what she had been told.

"I heard about it from some of my friends in our fourth block," she said.

The hit list was found in the women's restroom on Friday. There were eighteen students on the lost. Police say someone found it and turned it in to the principal.

The school went in to immediate lock down, officials gathered the student body in the gymnasium. The eighteen students on the list were taken to the library and their parents were contacted.

Monday morning, extra patrols were on campus. Every student was searched before entering the building.

Parents we spoke to say they are satisfied with the schools response, but threats like these are inevitable.

School officials and police are looking for common connections between the students on the list, in hopes that will lead to the person or persons behind the threat.

School officials say, even if they determine this list is just a "hoax" those responsible will face serious consequences.

Because of the threat, officials say attendance at the high school was much lower than usual on Monday.

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