Friends Say Pulaski County Man's Death Has Ironic Timing

From his usual seat in church last Sunday, Tim Watson heard the minister talking about something that will face us all.

“Yeah, the day before the accident, he was preaching on how you need to have your life together, because you never know when your time is going to come,” says Lori Mounce, a longtime fried of Watson’s and the Waynesburg Family Worship Center secretary.

For the 48-year-old father of four and construction worker, that time would come the very next day. Shortly after his work day began at the E.W. Brown Power Plant in Mercer County, part of a crane fell on him.

“Just a freak accident. He was ready to go. So he's in a lot better place that we are,” says Mounce.

Watson spent his last few months working on bridges in Pulaski County, but the accident happened on his first day on the job at the KU power plant. It's the second fatality there within a month and some are asking for an investigation.

“Yes I certainly do. I think there needs to be someone looking into it. See what can be done about the safety program,” says Terry Dobbs, who says he and Watson have been friends since the two were teenagers.