Police Round Up Suspected Central Kentucky Drug Dealers

Police in Madison County have been busy cracking down on suspected drug dealers.

On Tuesday, Kentucky state police, along with the Madison County sheriff's office, made several arrests of suspected dealers. The operation is all part of National Drug Enforcement Week.

Police spent the last six months compiling a list of 12 suspected drug dealers.

The roundup started Tuesday morning at around 9:00. Police went throughout Madison County, serving warrants to 12 suspect. 15 of those warrants were for felony charges.

Police say it's not a drug ring that's been broken up, these are 12 individuals who worked on their own. The charges involve a variety of drugs: cocaine, meth, and prescription drugs to name a few.

Authorities hope others will see these arrests as a warning.

Police were able to make 8 of the 12 arrests on Tuesday. They are looking for the other four suspects now.

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