Truck Plows Into Group On Lunch Break

Officials are calling it a "freak accident" after a truck plows into a group of people eating lunch.

Nine employees were eating lunch outside Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital on Versailles Road Tuesday afternoon. An infant in a car seat was also in the group.

Police say a truck that was being loaded with boxes slipped out of gear, rolled down a hill and crashed into the picnic table where the employees were having lunch.

The truck rolled on top of the baby in the car seat, trapping it underneath.

Emergency workers were able to get the child out from under the truck. The child suffered non life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital. We're told seven other people were taken to the hospital, but we understand none of the injuries were serious. One of the injured workers is pregnant.

The driver of the truck was cited for leaving his truck running, having no insurance and an expired registration and faulty equipment.

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