Inmate release mix-up being investigated in Laurel County

It was supposed to be a short jail stay for Wesley Whitman, who was locked up last week after he was arrested on a bench warrant from a 3 year old DUI charge. But now he’s accused of helping his cousin escape.

“I’m wrongfully accused. I know that,” said Whitman Monday from the Laurel County Detention Center in London.

Whitman claims he was asleep when his fiancee, Dana Reed, came to bail him out.

“They released his cousin, Nicholas Whitman, instead of Wesley Whitman,” she said.

Which Reed can’t understand because she says the inmates wear wrist bands with their identifications on them. She says she saw the wrong Whitman get out, shortly after she posted bond for Wesley.

“They told us to go around back and wait. And this guy comes out wearing Wesley’s clothes,” Reed said.

Laurel Jail officials aren’t saying much about the mix-up. But they do admit that Nicholas Whitman was inadvertently released.

Wesley Whitman says he and his cousin were cell mates but he said they are not on good speaking terms.

“He’s distant kin, but our side doesn’t really talk to that side of the family. We were not close,” he said.

Reed says she’s out the $700 bond she posted and she claims jail officials are not taking responsibility for what she calls their mistake.

“Wes does not need to be here. Wes did nothing wrong,” she said.

Nicholas Whitman is still at large. Wesley Whitman remains in jail on a $2,500 bond.

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