Woman Who Survived Attack Speaks To Other Victims

The lone survivor of "The Railroad Killer" was back in Kentucky Wednesday as part of National Crime Victim's Rights Week.

Holly Dunn-Pendleton was raped, beaten, stabbed and left for dead by Angel Maturino Resendiz nine years ago. She was walking with another UK student near some railroad tracks when they were attacked. The other student, Christopher Maier, died.

Wednesday she spoke to legislators in Frankfort about her experience.

Dunn-Pendleton encouraged victims to become survivors and to try to get on with their lives they way she's done.

Nine years after she was attacked, Holly Dunn-Pendleton is reaching out to other victims. She says the only way she was able to get past what happened was to go from being a victim to being a survivor.

"It has allowed me to see all the wonderful services that are available to victims of crimes," she said today.

This is the 16th year National Crime Victims Week has been in existence. The theme is "Every Victim Every Time."

Dunn-Pendleton says it has been easier for her since Resendiz was executed last year.

"There is an element, for me at least, the fact that Resendiz was still alive, no matter that he was in prison, it always felt like he could get out to come get me," she said

She says taking part in Crime Victim's Week helps her as much as it does other victims.

"There is a process of going on and living and that's hopefully what I'm trying to set an example of that," she said.

Dunn-Pendleton says it is not easy being a survivor, but it can be done. She says her husband helped her get through some of the healing and stresses that it is crucial to have a support system.

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