Mayor's Budget Raises Safety Concerns

A controversial budget proposal has some officials in a Central Kentucky city worried their mayor may not have the right priorities in mind. Georgetown Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames plans to take $50,000 from the city's SWAT team, thus eliminating the service.
That means in situations when the swat team would usually be called, other agencies will have to respond. The FOP president, Tommy Cooper, says it will take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours for the proper authorities to respond. Currently it takes 15-30 minutes. The money from SWAT team will now go toward a drug task force unit.
However, as Mayor Tingle-Sames cuts the special police force, she says plans to keep the 300-thousand dollars allotted for animal control. Cooper says the proposed budget raises a concern for public safety. He says people should remain a top priority in Georgetown, not animals.