Students Mourn The Loss Of School Nurse

A hard lesson is being taught at one Lexington elementary school.

A day after the school's beloved nurse, Sima Maiti, was killed in a car crash on New Circle Road, the faculty at Cardinal Valley Elementary are trying to help students understand the loss.

"She was a lot more than a nurse," said Matt Perkins, principal at the school.

Perkins says Sima became the nurse at the school in January and always put her students first, no matter what they came to her for.

Besides mending bumps and bruises, Perkins says Sima instantly became someone the students adored.

"She was just one of those people who made an impact with our kids," said Perkins

Now Sima is having a different impact on students. The school spent Thursday trying to help the students understand her death.

Principal Perkins says he wants the children to understand her death was just a horrible accident.

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