Break-In Suspect Matches Rapist Description

Another home invasion at the Newtown Crossing Apartments Friday morning has police wondering if the man they are looking for could also be wanted for more serious crimes.

The string of invasions began at the Newtown Crossing Apartment complex last month.

Police say five or six invasions have been reported and all with similar descriptions of what happened and who did it.

The recent invasion happened around 2:00 Friday morning. That's where a woman awoke in her apartment only to find a man in her room. The woman made her way to a roommate's place, while the suspect left without taking a thing.

Police say the whole encounter lasted less than a minute. Police say the person was a black man wearing a hooded sweat-shirt, similar to a sketch released by the police department after the first string of attempted burglaries.

The victim was home with her two other roommates when the man got into the apartment. Police say the doors and windows were unlocked at the apartment.

According to the property owners all apartments have alarm systems that connect with police. They also say they are working with police to help step up patrols in the area.

Police are also looking into the possibility that this suspect could also be responsible for a number of sexual assaults on UK students.

The apartment complex has three, live- in security officers on-call, 24- hours a day. They're in the process of adding three more after this latest incident.

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