Teens Sentenced For Severely Beating Maintenance Man

Three Lexington teens who plead guilty to severely beating a Holiday Inn maintenance man, learned Friday how long they'll spend in prison for the crime.

The gruesome incident happened at the motel where James Junior Barnes had worked for 40 years.

The teenagers were tearing down Christmas decorations. But police say when Barnes tried to stop them, that's when they pounced on him, beating him nearly to death.

In court, Barnes told Circuit Judge Kim Bunnell his injuries changed his life forever and that he no longer can do much of anything.

After each defendant expressed remorse the judge handed down the sentences.

Johnny Georgetown received 15 years, Ronnell Suter 16 years and 17 years for James Reynolds.

Barnes said he can forgive but he can never forget what happened to him.

Some of the relatives of the defendants claimed the sentences were racially motivated. The three were led out of court and back to jail.

Each of the prisoners will be back in court a few days after they reach the age of eighteen.

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