Hundreds Arrested On Drug Charges

Law enforcement agencies in Kentucky have conducted a massive undercover drug sting. The operation took place all last week, just ending on Sunday.

Police say they made 491 arrests in a collective effort that involved law enforcement officials from all across the state.

Police say they can catch accused drug dealers as long as the money's there to pay for the police crackdown.

Each of the busts has a story behind it. One story, from Bullet County, involves a baby hooked on cocaine. Police arrested the mother during the Byrne Operation and put the baby in the care of her grandmother.

But officials worry the funding to arrest those allegedly using drugs is running low. The federal Byrne program is considered a necessity to most counties. In Fayette County alone, the Byrne Operation netted 16 arrests, seized 115 pounds of marijuana and 4 vehicles.

Officials say meth labs are actually down 50 percent, but now crack cocaine use and illegal prescription drug use is up.

The Edward Byrne grant program is named for a New York City police officer killed at a young age by organized drug traffickers.

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