Woman Dies Two Years After Shooting

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A southern Kentucky woman suffered for two years, paralyzed after her ex-boyfriend shot her four times.

Today, Lori Epperson lost her battle.

The Pulaski County woman died from complications of her injuries. Now, her family wants the man convicted of shooting her charged with murder, but it's not that simple.

Epperson's family says she ended one abusive relationship only to jump into another. But Lori's relationship with Timothy Harrison ended with 4 gunshots, one to the head. It was a crime her family says ultimately took her life .

Harrison has already served a year in prison. He's required to serve at least 13 of the 15 year sentence. Epperson's brother says if Harrison ever comes up for parole he will see to it the board knows about his sister's struggle.

The office of the Commonwealth's Attorney says if there was a way to know these complications would have arrived they would have went for more charges, but the assault conviction stands.

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