Grandmother speaks out after child is burned in fire

She was hospitalized with severe burns after her home caught fire.

Tonight the grandmother of the seven year old girl is speaking about the horrifying experience.

The fire broke out at a duplex on Ridge Way Road just outside of Harrodsburg, in Mercer County on Friday night.

Denny Trease reports.

Kaylee Freeland underwent her second surgery today at the burn unit of Shriners Hospital in Cincinnati.

The family of the little girl has been keeping a tense vigil at her bedside there.

Her grandmother Joyce Scott says Kaylee is still in critical but stable condition.

"She has burns on 30 per cent of her body, third degree, both arms, her chest, her whole back and her little cheek."

Many of us have heard the popular holiday song with the lyrics, over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go.

Unfortunately, there is no chance that little Kaylee Freeland will make it home here to Grandma's this Thanksgiving.

"They already have said it'll be past February before she gets out of the hospital. She'll have surgery two days a week every week for about a month, skin grafts. She's doing as well as can be expected. She loves coming here, and we love having her here. She's a little ball of sunshine. Everybody loves her."

With no garage or tool shed, the family kept a can of gasoline inside the home to power lawn tools, and it appears Kaylee was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Her mom was in the bathtub, and she'd asked her to go and get her a wash cloth or a towel out of the dryer, and we're assuming the gas or whatever sparked that, maybe the static from the dryer because when she got back, she was all on fire."

Joyce Scott says her granddaughter has already opened her eyes much sooner than doctors thought she would, and if any child could win this fight for life, Kaylee can.

Kaylee Freeland will turn 8 years old on December 9th.

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