Police: Student Admits To Making Hit List

A disturbing find at a central Kentucky middle school leads to increased security. Danville police say a student found a hit list at Bate Middle School.

Students, faculty and staff are on alert after the discovery of the alleged hit list.

That list was brought to the attention of teachers by a student on Tuesday. According to school leaders, a seventh-grader is responsible for the list and admitted to making it.

Police went to the student's home and shortly after, his mother took him to the police department for questioning. Investigators say the young man told them the list was old and hadn't been destroyed.

Parents of students on the list have been contacted by school leaders.

The superintendent says in the wake of tragedies elsewhere, he's grateful he can count on hiss kids to bring these types of things to his attention.

The student responsible is currently being held in a detention center and an evaluation is underway. If he's able to come back to school, school officials say he'll be welcomed back with open arms.

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